Painted Desert Sheep
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Painted Desert sheep are a unique type of sheep.  They come in a multitude of colors, breed year around, have multiple births and have a hair coat.  Their coat is thick in the winter similar to a deer, but in the summer shed that coat to a smooth, slick coat.  Many people mistake them for goats.  To register these colorful sheep visit the Painted Desert Sheep Society.
We started our flock in 1998. With our sheep, we have added another unique trait,
4-HORNS !  Most often, the sheep have two very impressive horns.  We have added 4-horns while maintaing a slick hair coat.  The pictures above show our original pair that we started with.  Both the ewe and the ram have 4-Horns, and three generations each in their pedigree.  We are now using OUR fifth generation 4-Horn ram bred and raised on our farm.
Since we started out with horned ewes, our ewe flock now has 4-Horns also.  We have seventeen ewes with 4horns.  Our color markings include painted desert, white, mouflon and barbado.   The sire this time is a 4horn barbado with a mouflon saddle.
We have sheep for sale at all times.  Prices start at $200.  Contact us anytime for what is available.
Click on the picture at right to see more ewes.  This ewe is second generation 4-horn with perfectly spaced horns.  She is also tri-colored. She is what we are breeding for..... color & horn.  We started with one 4-Horn ewe and the rest two horn ewes.  Through selective breeding we have reached our goal of all our ewes having  4 or more horns.
You can also check a great link to other Painted Desert Sheep breeders.
Click on the picture at left to see more of the rams we are using.  All the rams we are use not only have 4-Horns and great hair coats, but have it for many generations in their pedgrees.
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