Miniature Texas Longhorn Cattle
That's right......MINIATURE Texas Longhorns.  We were fortunate to pick up a group of registered miniature longhorns from south Texas in the spring of 2006.  They range in size from 36-42 inches tall.......and lots of horn.    We split the herd with Dennis Beraneck of Rolling Prairie Farms.
Our cattle are pictured below.  We have high expectations for this group and will be incorporating these blood lines in our herd as well.  We love their color, style and pasture "FLASH"!    Our goal is to keep these miniature longhorns "square".  By that I mean their height should equal their horn spread tip-to-tip.  If a cow is 36 inches tall, she should have a 36 inch horn spread.  These cattle are a great addition to our pasture and look forward to their 2008 calves coming in April.
Rosemary is a 2000 model registered miniature longhorn cow.  She is 42 inches tall with a 47 inch horn spread TTT.  She is a flashy cow.  She is stands out in the herd.  Everyone that sees her says "WOW"  She had a beautiful solid red heifer in 2006 that we sold to Rolling Prairie Farms. She had a super bull calf pictured here with her in 2007. She is with Freckles for 2008.
Tequila Rose.....what can we say.  She has it all.  She is a registerd miniature longhorn born January 05 with Fore and IM Ranch bloodlines.  We are excited to see what this girl will do.  She is 39 inches tall and has almost 44 inches of horns.  The picture at left is January 08, the one on the right is August 07. She was born 1-28-05 We will be getting a acurate horn measurement soon.  It is pretty obvious she is going to be one flashy cow.  She had a nice heifer with her color plus some brindling.  She is w/ Freckles for 08.
Annie, another nice registerd mini longhorn.  She is Fore bloodlines, was born June 05.    We LOVE this coloring.  Brindle spots.  We would like some more like her.  This is a longhorn color to me.  She is just about to calve here.  She is 26months old in this picture. Still a lot of horn to grow in yet. She will be a real flashy cow. She had a great heifer that has brindle spots.  Check her out on the calf page.
Texas Two Step is a 2006 heifer.  She has grown out nicely with a good start to her horns.  Her sire is Cletus, a John Fore bull.  She is getting bred this year and we are hoping for a real flashy calf.  This young heifer has a real smooth look to her.  We are excited to see what she will add to our mini longhorn program.